Picture Packages

Picture Packages 5.0.0

Create videos with your digital photos


  • Turns photos into moving images
  • Easy to use


  • Results are similar to a slideshow
  • Editing features are extremely limited

Not bad

Have you ever wished your photo collection was actually a film? Picture Packages allows you to do this by making "video" style sequences out of your photos. The program is divided into 4 components to get your photos moving - AutoVideo, VCD Maker, Viewer, AutoSlide and CD Backup. It starts by scanning your hard drive and clusters images according to date or category so that your photos are ready to go.

Duplicate photos are eliminated including photos that are of poor image quality. The program works by allowing you to define the "plot" i.e ordering your photos according to protagonists or sequence of events along a timeline. You can then add special effects (which are mainly nothing more than transitions) plus a musical soundtrack.

This is a great way of breathing new life into an old photo collection. The sequencing of events is easy and adding transitions and effects is too. However, it's really limited in features. There's very little you can do other than stick your photos in sequence and watch then scroll much like a slideshow.

PicturePackages.com allows you to create videos from your digital photo images.

The program contains several editing tools such as fusion, trim, comparison, creation of groups, etc. all designed to bring your photos to the photos.

Picture Packages


Picture Packages 5.0.0

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